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The Rustic Lane

Our frequently asked questions are here to help answer the most common things we get asked about ordering from us. These FAQ’s also form part of our T&C’s that you agree to once you place and order with us. By ordering from The Rustic Lane, you are agreeing that you have read and understand all of the below. If there is anything you would like to know that is not covered here, please contact us prior to ordering.


1.Who are we? Where are you located?

We are a family owned and operated business – based in Auckland Nz – Kaukapakapa

All our items are manufactured in house and delivered by our Courier straight to you.

We offer pick up from our pick up box - in Kaukapakapa 

2. How do I place an order?

2.1. Click on product

2.2. Choose design and let us know personalized message (if applicable) 

2.3. Please fill in your details 

2.4. choose if shipping or pick up!  

2.5. Review and place order - MAKE SURE ALL SPELLING IS CORRECT

2.6. Once order ready we will confirm via email or a txt message.

IF you are wanting a different design than what we have available on our website, please email us with your sample at



3.How much is delivery? Can I pick up my order?

Shipping cost is available at the checkout - We do charge a $5 Handling fee - this is to cover Packaging ( boxes,wrap,tape, labels,labour time)


You can pick up your order from our PICKUP BOX – located just outside our gate in Kaukapakapa

You will receive an access code for the Box  – once your order is ready.




4.How long will it take for my order to be completed and delivered?

Depending on the product you are ordering and the amount, we try our best to have your order asap, but: 


Our Processing time in factory : 5-7 working days 


Courier Shipping time:

Nz 1-3 Working days (rural 3-7 days) 

Australia 3-8 working days ( rural 6-10 days) 

There are exceptions from times to times when we are extremely busy, and the order make take longer, please make sure you tell us in advance if your order is urgent! 


5.Do the wall hanging products have hanging fittings?
No, they do not. Fittings are not included with any products. We personally use 3M products, such a picture strips or hooks, however you must assess which fittings you personally find most suitable based on the product you have ordered and apply any fittings based on the manufacturer’s instructions. It is up to you to ensure you choose the correct hanging fitting for your product to suit the conditions in which it will be hung.


6.Why are there no dots on my letters like i and j’s?
If you have ordered Pace names or other small laser cuts – you will might not see any dots or missing  … there is nothing for them to stick to, therefore they are not included as they just fall through the machine being small. This applies to all  small designs with these letters!


7.Do products vary, or will they be identical?
Products do vary. Designs will always be almost identical to those shown on our website, however as each item is made to order just for you, so there will be slight variations. Items are done in batches and each batch will have a slight variation of colouring and scorching, especially if ordered at different times. Any of our products that come flat packed and slot together may require a dab of PVA glue in any slots or stands to make the item stay together for permanency. This also includes variations to the colouring of the wood and the amount of burn marks, scorching marks on each product. If you are wanting to remove scorching marks, simply give the surface a very light sand with 120-180 grit sandpaper. Particularly if you order place cards or single names, no two batches will ever be the exact same sizing if they are not all ordered together. There will be variations of +/- up to 2-8mm in height due to us not having existing names to size against.


8.The stand that come with my items falls off, why?
With some products ( like RAW MDF or any item that can be painted) we must make the slot in the stand a tad bit wider. This is to allow for painting. If we were to make them the exact size of the product, once you have painted it, it would not fit in the stand as paint does make it a bit thicker. If you have already painted it and are still having this issue, our advice would be to add some clear drying PVA glue into the slot, place product in the slot and allow it to dry. This will solve the problem.


9.Do you make custom products not shown on your website?
OF COURSE!!! Who doesn’t like a challenge?  We sure do!  Email us at with a sample design and we will for sure help out.


10.I have a coupon code, but I forgot to use it on checkout, can I get a refund for the coupon amount?
No, unfortunately coupon codes do not work that way. You must use the coupon at checkout only, we will not be able to apply it after your order is placed. We cannot be held responsible for you forgetting to do this.


11.I have made a mistake when I ordered, such as a name spelt wrong, can I change it?
This can only be done with products that we email your proof of design, products like place names will not be able to change once we started the order.! MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL US STRAIGHT AWAY to correct the error.  IF you have not emailed us straight away or within 12 hours, we won’t be able to change anything, as this means your ordered has been processed and it’s in the making..
It is your responsibility to make sure that all names, etc are spelt correctly and   and inform us straight away if you have made a mistake.
Orders are designed very fast after your order is placed therefore our designer would have already spent time designing the item and cannot redo this free of charge. It may have also already been cut by the time you contact us, in which case the product would then have to go in the bin, costing us money.


12. I don’t like the font my item has come in, what can I do?
We offer you a FONT PREVIEW - where you can check how your words will look in the chosen font. Because we offer this service, we will not refund or replace items due to you not liking the font. You are given the chance to view the font prior placing the order.


13.Can I cancel my order once I have paid?
No. Due to the personalized nature and fast designing and cutting process we have in place; orders cannot be cancelled. All sales are final once payment has been processed through. Please be very aware of what you are ordering, spelling and quantities you are entering prior to paying for your order.
Refunds or exchanges will not be given on personalized products as we have clearly stated full descriptions and given clear images of what you are ordering. It is your responsibility to understand what you are purchasing. We will not replace an item because you do not like the look of it, the font, or the style. This is up to you to decide correctly BEFORE ordering.


14. Has your item arrived damaged?
UH OH…courier services really do not understand the meaning of fragile and quite frankly, often they do not care how they treat any packages. Unfortunately, this is well beyond our control as we know your package is in perfect condition when it leaves us. We do our best to pack the items so they survive the tossing and squashing.
You must CHECK your parcel as soon as it arrives - if signature is required - you must check and make sure its not damaged before you sign for it!!! We are not responsible for any damage or loss during transit, but we are here to assist.

All personalized items can NOT be returned or changed!

All our items are sent with a tracking number – with Nz Couriers or Post Haste

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